A Message From Our Founder


WELCOME!  From mid January to mid February, we will kick off our Seventh Annual, month-long cultural celebration of the Asian Pacific American heritage and its presence in the Inland Region. The Asian Pacific Cultural Association (APCA) will host the Asian Pacific Lunar New Year Festival (Lunar Fest) on Saturday, January 28, 2017 which will be held in beautiful Downtown Riverside.  Our mission is to Collaborate, Commemorate and Celebrate the Asian Pacific Cultural Heritage and Contributions in Southern California.   APCA, promotes the awareness and increases the understanding of the Asian Pacific American cultures and its diversity through education.

Though many people know that Asian Pacific Americans have had a significant impact on Southern California, quite often they are unaware of the degree to which Asian cultures have been woven into the multifaceted fabric of Riverside and the Inland Region. For more than a century, Asian Americans have contributed to the development of the region in significant ways, from the building of Southern California railroads, working with their hands and heads in the citrus groves, in the mines, as merchants and in higher education, and more currently leading advances in technology.

The Lunar Fest, highlights some of the ways that Asian Pacific residents have helped to preserved and continue building our community. We invite you to join in all of the FREE festivities.  We will begin with a spectacular Parade of Nations accompanied by live firecrackers, then Opening Ceremonies, followed by a variety of traditional Asian music, dance performances, art displays and day long exhibitions of Karate, Kung Fu, Sumo and a range of thrilling Asian themed demonstrations conducted by local community and professional groups. Stroll through the Asian market place; experience the tantalizing cultural foods and shop for artistic treasures. Enjoy the range of entertainment on the four stages, learn about the journeys that brought these residents to our Region.  Kids, be sure to stop by the Children’s Village for origami, balloons, calligraphy and hands-on arts and crafts.  And don’t miss the Health Expo, where you can get your vitals checked and experience the differences of Eastern holistic medicine compared to the more modern Western practice. Remember, it’s all FREE.

The entire event will culminate in a spectacular fireworks display to celebrate the start of the Asian Lunar New Year, welcoming the Year of the Rooster in 2017. We hope that you will enjoy our hospitality and come back next year for the 2018 Asian Pacific Lunar New Year Festival.

Remember, we would not be able to put on such an extravaganza without our partners in this region. With their generous sponsorship and donations, are we able Collaborate, Commemorate and Celebrate the Asian Pacific Cultural Heritage and Contributions in Southern California.  If you would like to get more involved with this fantastic program and help us continue educating and preserving the Asian Pacific Cultures here in SoCal, please don’t hesitate to contact the committee or myself, to volunteer your time, skills and efforts or donate your services, funds or products to such a worthy cause.

On behalf of the Asian Pacific Cultural Association, Gong Xi Fa Cai !!! Happy New Year !!!   May you be blessed with Much Joy, Luck, and Prosperity for the remaining Year of the Monkey and the following Year of the Rooster.

May Lynn Davis

Chair & Founder


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